Italian vacation in Veneto

October 21st, 2011

If you are looking into an Italian holiday and would like to find an apartment, villa or house to rent, you should consider the province of Veneto. Especially if you have never been to Italy on holiday, Veneto is a great choice as it is not as popular as the area around Rome, but is still a highly-industrialized and wealthy are that offers some of Italy’s best in food, culture and art.

Veneto vacation rentals

Located in the northwestern corner of Italy, Veneto’s most popular city is Venice. While this tiny island city is known for its small size and large rents, there are still great opportunities to find a perfect villa or apartment. House rentals will be difficult, as properties in Venice re very small, however, if you book your rental early and are willing to travel in the off-season, apartments are available. Consider leaving the crowded Venice area¬† to find an affordable rental in the city’s outskirts. Padua is nearby and offers rental options that can fit an budget. Verona is another Vento city made famous by Shakespeare and is an excellent place to rent an apartment and spend a few days.

Things to do in a Veneto vacation

The Veneto region is largely known for the cities of Venice, Padua and Verona. However, as much of the region is on the ocean it offers a wide range of water activities as well as a variety of beach side villas. Venice in particular is known for its leather goods and carnival masks, but shopping is popular with each city having plenty to offer shopaholics. Look into the Pyramid, a large 150 store mall near Padua. Also, ferries connect Venice with Croatian Istria. If you are certain about having a Mediterranean vacation, Istria is a much less popular and cheaper alternative.

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